Project Portfolio

For more than 15-years, Nikki has led teams that answer the call of global constituencies. Through her strategic leadership, digital communications and public engagement has become increasingly critical to the implementation of everything from master planning to crisis management, recognition of essential staff and faculty amid a global pandemic, and the engagement of alumni, faculty and students during more than two years of uncertainty, challenges, and change.

Telling Inclusive Stories

Social media provides a unique opportunity to showcase the aspirational excellence of our community and confront difficult realities. With another challenging year fraught with uncertainties, we developed even more spaces to listen to our communities, engage with students and faculty, and elevate meaningful conversation.

Inspiring Success

In 2021, UMSocial published 6,742 posts and 1,263 videos resulting in over a quarter of a billion impressions on institutional messaging, nearly six million engagements and half a million clicks to university websites. Our content was shared over 88,000 times and videos received more than 25 million views. In total, we triaged nearly 70,000 comments, received over 2.5 million ‘likes’ and brought 118,588 new followers to the brand.

Fostering Collaboration

Every day, UMSocial and Public Engagement partners with schools, colleges, groups, organizations, and units across campus and the community to elevate a wide array of messaging. Crucial to the implementation of successful strategic communications, these partnerships allowed the elevation of high-risk prevention messaging, the mitigation of online threats and concerns and cross-over content creation with peer institutions in 2021.

Trust Through Transparency

As we prepared for the fall 2021 term and the return of students and staff to campus, the opportunity to bring people together in person to proactively address anticipated concerns and questions in these tried and true formats became a focal point of our strategy. Accumulating more than 200,000 views and more than 100,000 impressions, UMSocial recorded, edited, and published nearly two dozen videos between August and December that played a prominent role in the President’s weekly campus-wide email communications, the University Record newsletter, campus social media channels, and even in-stadium at the Big House.

“As the front door to the institution, social communications platforms are the first place communities come to both celebrate success and voice concerns.”